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Best Royal Casinos around the world

Best Royal Casinos around the world - check our list

You can find a large number of royal casinos out there in the world. These royal casinos have also earned reputation for delivering the best experiences to players who walk in. If you are looking forward to get a premium experience with playing casino, you are strongly encouraged to walk to any of these casinos. To make the life easy, we will be reviewing some of the most prominent casinos out of them.

1. Sun City Casino

Sun City is a Royal Casino located in Rustenburg, South Africa. Instead of calling Sun City as a casino, you can define it as a resort. Casino is located within the resort and it can provide a premium gambling experience to any person. This resort is also made out of nightclubs, hotels and even an 18-hole golf club. Therefore, it is worthy to spend few days at Sun City. While you stay at Sun City, you can think about walking into the casino every single day, as it can provide outstanding experiences to you.

List of games that you can find at Sun City include baccarat, stud poker and craps. In addition to that, you can find thousands of slot machines all around the casino as well. It is a perfect getaway available for you to enjoy a vacation, along with a perfect gambling experience.

2. The Empire Casino

The Empire Casino is a prominent casino located in London. Unlike other royal casinos, The Empire Casino was opened recently. In fact, The Empire Casino opened its doors to the gamblers back in 2007. It was constructed as a replacement to the old Empire Ballroom. Within a short time period, The Empire Casino was able to become the finest casino in London. The artificial and bright lights that you can find in front of The Empire Casino has enhanced its appearance. There aren’t any windows on this casino as well. Therefore, you can get a Las Vegas vibe at London.

The Empire Casino offers two floors of slot machines and table games. In addition to that, you can find a large number of restaurants and bars as well. At The Empire Casino, you can find a dedicated poker room as well. It is hosting World Series Poker Events. You are guaranteed to get a premium experience when you are playing casino at The Empire Casino. When you are playing games at this casino, you will be provided with the opportunity to come across the best millionaires from London and all across Europe as well. It can also contribute towards the overall experience that you can get while spending your time in here.

3. Casino Baden-Baden

Casino Baden-Baden is located at Baden-Baden, Germany. This is a well-known spa town in the country. Casino Baden-Baden is one of the oldest structures that you can find in the city as well. It has a rich history, which dates back to over 250 years. Therefore, the casino is decorated as a French Royal Palace. Casino Baden-Baden is a perfect example for a royal casino as well. Gold and red mixed interior that you can find in this casino provide a glamorous experience to all the guests.

Inside the casino, you can find elegant poker rooms, along with roulette tables and blackjack. You can also find 130 slot machines placed inside the Casino Baden-Baden. If you are interested in getting perfect country-side casino experience, you are strongly encouraged to think about visiting Casino Baden-Baden. It will make you fall in love with all experiences that you are getting.

4. WinStar World Casino

WinStar World Casino is located in Oklahoma, United States. This is the largest casino in United States. Therefore, any person who is looking for a royal casino should never miss out this. Inside WinStar World Casino, you can find more than 500,000 square feet of gaming space. The best thing about WinStar World Casino is that available space has been divided intelligently. As a result, you will be able to find 8 different gaming plazas inside the casino. They include New York City, Cairo, Vienna, London, Madrid, Rome, Beijing and Paris.

To fill the massive floor area at WinStar World Casino, more than 6,700 slot machines have been used. Along with that, you can find 46 poker tables, 76 tables, and a 1,000 seater bingo hall as well. You can also find an off-track horse racing plaza at WinStar World Casino. You will never get fed up with gambling options that are available at WinStar World Casino.

5. Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino is located in Connecticut, United States. This is the second largest casino that you can find in the country. It is located along with a massive resort. The best thing that you can find in this casino is that it has been constructed according to Native American theme. Therefore, you can receive a unique and a one of a kind experience while you are at the casino.

Inside the casino, you can discover a massive gambling area of over 350,000 square feet. Available space is filled with over 4,700 slot machines and 380 gaming tables. You can find a massive bingo hall inside Foxwoods Resort Casino, which is in a position to deliver a unique gambling experience to the guests. This bingo hall can accommodate 5,000 guests at a time.

6. The Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome Casino is another royal casino that you will come across while you are going through the options available in London. It is located in the city of Westminster. The Hippodrome Casino was opened back in 2009. However, it was a reopening of the original casino, which was used as a performance center during 1900s. The performance center was transformed into a multiple venue property and The Hippodrome Casino was created on it.

The Hippodrome Casino is a world famous casino as well. Even though this casino is located in London, it will provide you with the experience of a casino from Spain. The Hippodrome Casino also provides excellent welcome bonuses to the guests. Therefore, you are encouraged to take a look at those bonuses and get a perfect gambling experience during the time that you spend in The Hippodrome Casino.

7. The Bellagio

The Bellagio Casino in United States is the most popular casino in the world. It is located in Las Vegas. The Bellagio is a casino that must come into the list of Royal Casinos out there in the world. This casino has been able to set itself apart from other options available, due to its elegance and opulence. It is one of the most prominent buildings that you can find in Las Vegas strip as well. The dancing water fountain has enhanced the overall appearance and look and feel offered by this casino to the guests.

The Bellagio is well known among people out there in the world for its high stakes poker room. It is hosting World Poker Events. On the other hand, people who walk into The Bellagio are provided with the chance to get a stylish gambling experience. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to win massive jackpots up to $2 million in one night.

8. The Venetian

Macau is well known for the outstanding and elegant casinos as well. The Venetian is the most popular casino that you can find in Macau. The Venetian looks similar to one of the Las Vegas casinos. That’s because it can deliver a glamorous gambling experience to the guests. This casino is a massive one, which has over 530,000 square feet of floor space. Available floor space has been divided into four differently themed gaming areas.

Inside The Venetian, you can find 3,400 slot machines and 500 game tables. You will also be able to find the San Luca Canal system inside this hotel resort. Therefore, it can provide a unique and a one of a kind royal casino experience. You will not be able to get the gambling experience offered by The Venetian from any other part of the world.

9. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is another royal casino that is located in Las Vegas, United States. If you have watched The Hangover movie, you are already familiar with Caesars Palace. Caesars Palace is a massive luxury hotel complex, which has been constructed according to Roman Style. You will be able to find popular spiral escalators, marble columns and more than 150,000 square feet of floor space in it. Therefore, Caesars Palace is a heaven for gamblers. Inside Caesars Palace, you can find poker, table games and slot machines. It is one of the finest gambling venues that you can find in the world as well.

Inside Caesars Palace, you can find a dedicated horse racing and sports betting area. It is equipped with a flat screen television, which will bring you latest sports from all parts of the world. You can also enjoy gambling from the private booths available at Caesars Palace.

10. Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo is a casino located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Monaco is a playground among millionaires. Therefore, Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the best royal casinos that you can find in the world as well. This is a 150 year old casino. Therefore, it is housed in a historical building, which provides an elegant experience to all the guests. You will be stunned by the unique architecture of this building.

Inside the Casino de Monte-Carlo, you can find a large number of table games, including Quarante and Chemin de Fer. Along with that, you can find other popular casino games, such as blackjack, roulette and classic poker at Casino de Monte-Carlo. You can also find a large number of high end bars, restaurants and even salons at Casino de Monte-Carlo to make the life easy for millionaire gamblers.

Things to know before you visit a Royal Casino

Even if you are not a gambler, you should have now come across the need to visit one of these royal casinos. There aren’t any restrictions, which keep you away from accessing the casinos. However, you should keep few important things in mind to overcome hassle and walk back home with the best possible experience.

Gambling can be considered as the process of betting on something, so that its outcome directly affects an event or contingency. The final outcome of the betting process of completely uncertain. However, different skills and luck will be able to bring some good results to you in return. Even though gambling was introduced to Canada in the year 1497 by John Cabot, it was popular among native people. They even recall those memories during the cultural events that take place around Canada. Before the arrival of Europeans, the native people used sticks instead of playing card decks. In the present world, gambling is a popular industry that you can see within Canada and there are thousands of online and offline casinos that lie within the country.

From the researches, it has been identified that games like blackjack, stook and poker were few of the most popular gambling games in the recent past. The dice games and barbette also hold a prominent place in the industry. The games of Faro, which are played using a regular deck of cards was popular during the Klondike Gold Rush. These games have a significant historic value because their origin can be tracked back to early 1400s. Faro was introduced by a set of American gamblers and its popularity existed in United States for few centuries.
With that understanding in mind, you are strongly encouraged to visit any of these casinos. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that you can get. You will never be able to get such a fascinating experience from any other casino out there in the world. Those memories will cherish in your mind for the rest of your life as well.